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"Had Mike soda blast my 1977 Catalina 30. Turned out it had a thin coat of barrier coat, so except for a few blisters to clean up, the bottom is now in great shape and almost ready for bottom paint. This saved me a month of weekends and a really sore back. He tented the boat, blasted the bottom and cleaned everything up in about 5 hours. I couldn't be happier. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to clean the bottom of their boat. Reasonably priced and one hell of a nice guy. Personable and professional in every way!"


Bob H.

Waynesboro PA


"Soda Blasting is a relatively gentle method of paint removal. Faced with the prospect of working overhead with paint remover on a 32' hull, we asked around at our local marina. Mike's Soda Blasting was wholeheartedly recommended by three different people.

I contacted Mike, and told him were were concerned about the integrity of the epoxy layer under the bottom paint. Any physical paint removal has the potential to go too deep, and he promised to "gentle" it.

Mike was interested, gave us a quote, and surprised us by the quick completion of the job. It is everything we had hoped for, with a freshly exposed barrier coat waiting for the bottom paint. Mike was careful to avoid removing the barrier coat.

While any blasting has the potential to reveal unexpected defects, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike to any boater in the "near Annapolis" area needing surface prep."  


Mark F.

Takoma Park, MD


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